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ESG Ratings

GRI 3-3

We embrace good corporate governance and promote global best practices to advance a responsible and transparent supply chain. It is our goal to provide clear and accurate disclosures on the progress of our ESG performance. We strive to constantly drive impact beyond compliance with relevant, standards and regulations. 

We cannot succeed in the digital and sustainable transformation alone. We are actively seeking co-creation partnerships to create multi-stakeholder value.

Good corporate governance

Bystronic’s entrepreneurial spirit has remained strong over the years. In response to ever changing global trends and stakeholder expectations, we have continuously invested in new clean-tech startups with a strong focus on co-creation, leading to sustainable solutions for our company.

The three-step approach (spot, develop, create) of our innovation strategy allows us to create new segments, leverage our expertise from our different applications, and expand our addressable markets.


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Number of suppliers monitored by Risk method tool

Supply Chain

GRI 3-3

A global supply chain strategy requires a multifaceted approach to mitigate the most harmful impacts. Our suppliers are obligated to follow our Code of Conduct, the compliance of which we monitor by means of audits and surveys.

In order to facilitate the monitoring of potential risks in our supply chain, we have introduced the “riskmethods” web application for all our supply chain management departments.

Based on the information from the supplier portfolio, Bystronic has introduced the RiskIQ Radar in 2022 and 1000 suppliers are monitored on our risk method platform. Additionally, we partnered with EcoVadis, where 70 suppliers are on our platform.

Trusted Partnerships

Co-creating together with partners who are committed to sustainability is essential for Bystronic. We aim to maximize our positive impact by pursuing a range of initiatives such as net-zero production, renewable and alternative energy sources, and optimizing our production innovation to increasingly integrate sustainability into our products.

In 2020, for example, we teamed up with Airco Systemdruckluft GmbH to offer our customers the possibility of generating their own nitrogen.

In 2021, Embotech helped us to increase the precision and speed of our systems.

In 2022, Artificialy was a strategic partner to accelerate Artificial Intelligence on our products.

ESG Ratings

Improving transparency and reporting progress of our ambitious sustainability strategy, ESG Ratings are label of creditability for our efforts. At Bystronic, we have developed an ESG Rating index, in which we integrated all relevant Indexes that we are trying to improve in order to drive value for our stakeholders. We are committed to close existing gaps of current ratings, due to the fact that we have only started the ESG reporting in 2021. The current ratings are as follows: CDP: C, MSCI: BB, Sustainalytics: MEDIUM RISK, EcoVadis: 35