Report 2021

Bystronic has integrated its purpose and ESG into its Strategy 2025. At Bystronic, our purpose includes our commitment towards creating an impact for a sustainable future with sheet metal and beyond. We want to advance the sustainability and future viability of sheet metal as a material, our customers’ business, and our industry.

This is Bystronic’s very first Sustainability Report, laying the foundations upon which we will continuously expand our insight into our industry’s impact on the environment. Next year, for example, we will define specific KPIs and targets that will enable us to track and improve our sustainability efforts.

2021 Highlights

First global carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2, and 3

Decision to include ESG criteria in the compensation of the executive management

Comprehensive materiality assessment completed

Sustainability Council established

Dissemination of the ESG mindset into key Group functions and establishment of sustainable engineering function to tackle Scope 3 emissions

Our Sustainability Strategy

Bystronic is driving forward the transformation towards a sustainable future throughout the company. We are also helping our customers to become more sustainable and hope to inspire our entire industry and beyond.

Our Framework

In 2021, we conducted a materiality assessment to identify the topics that are most relevant for our business. Subsequently, we grouped these topics into a sustainability framework. In the next steps, we will set ambitions and targets for each of the topics and determine measures to achieve these targets.