Local Energy Production

Energy Production at Headquarters


Solar power for the climate – inside and outside

After the first photovoltaic system in 2021, the second was installed on the roof of Hall 2 in 2023. This doubles the surface area of the installed solar panels, which now supply the electricity to heat, cool and move things. We expect to cover around 30 percent of our total electricity requirements per year with the two systems in future. We will also be feeding energy back into the grid from 2024. We also need the solar power for our vehicle fleet.

We will also be putting our new energy center into operation in spring 2024 in order to move away from fossil fuels. The center is completely heat pump-oriented and will be fed with groundwater as an energy source. We will operate it entirely with solar energy from our PV systems.

The two new facilities were officially inaugurated on November 29, 2023 in the presence of guests from business, politics and the media.

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